Diana system

The Diana system can be considered to be the basis of the direct tube transfer technology. This system has been installed by us for 35 years, and it excels in its simplicity.

Once fitted, it may be years before the customer needs to contact us again. Confusion regarding the control, functions etc. is almost impossible.

The system is based on the principle of 1 main station and a maximum of 6 sub stations. Communication can be made between the main station and to the substations. There can be no communication between the sub stations. Options in tube diameters NW 90, NW 110 and NW 160.

The main station is a sliding extension. Depending upon the situation, the sub stations also can be sliding extensions and/or an open tube with receiving basket. Other options are the so-called arrester tube (open tube) and the up receive/down send station ZOS that can be built into a countertop. The system is designed for receipt of a carrier at reduced arriving speed.

Demos of the Diana system: