Telecom B.V.

TELECOM bedrijfscommunicatie b.v. is an enterprise specializing in pneumatic tube systems.

For more than 50 years now pneumatic tube dispatch has proved its worth in modern and efficiently run enterprises. And also for more than 50 years Telecom in The Netherlands has proved a more than reliable partner for a structured solution for this form of business communication.

Telecom's high speed transport systems are used in hospitals and industry but also supermarkets and banks are using it for a safe cash handling. In fact the system functions in almost every environment. It can have any number of connections and it can be adapted to special needs. The distances are almost unlimited, weights from 0,5 kg up to 20 kg can be sent and the tube sizes go up from 60 mm to 300 mm.

From concept to finished article, Telecom's philosophy is to have all activities, from design to R&D and from production to after sales services under one roof. This philosophy has been the solid foundation for our expertise.

Reliability, heavy duty aspects, the CE standard for mechanical engineering and the EMC standard for electronics and printed circuit cards, these are just a few characteristics which our systems meet. You can be sure, you are dealing with a specialist.

Telecom's export network confirms the international recognition of its tube systems.